IT Business Alignment

Nowadays, no company can operate without IT, let alone lead its own market. This now leads to an essential question: Does your technical infrastructure support and facilitate your business strategy? The answer to this question clarifies whether your IT is merely a cost driver or a strategic tool that helps you to realize your potential and gain a competitive advantage over other market players as a source of innovation.


According to the advertising of software and IT companies, there currently is no problem that cannot be solved with the right product. In principle, this is true. However, it can also lead to procuring too many or unnecessary software applications for the diverse areas of your business. Keeping track of this growing complexity or keeping it under control in the long term is almost impossible, due to the constantly changing markets and the resulting new demands on your IT infrastructure.

How can you break out of this cycle and develop a sustainable IT strategy that does not leave you at the mercy of technological developments alone? IT Business Alignment – is a process that aligns your IT strategy with your business strategy and makes an important contribution to turning your IT into an agile technical infrastructure that quickly adapts to new requirements and thus optimally supports your business processes.

This is no easy task. We would be happy to advise you on one of the following topics, among others:

  • IT business alignment benchmark – an initial assessment of coverage and potential analysis
  • Optimization or new development of your IT strategy derived from your business strategy
  • Support of IT business alignment projects