Potential Analysis: Digitalization

Digitization affects virtually every company and almost all areas of society. On a par with industrialization or globalization, digitization is one of the most comprehensive changes in our history. In most industries, this development is already spreading and has already significantly shifted the market structure. Even manufacturing companies are increasingly relying on automated and digital processes in order to work as leanly, agilely and customer-oriented as possible. But how do you approach a digital transformation in a smart way?


The investment volume used by companies worldwide to gain potential competitive advantages through digitization is immense. Often, however, every process that is still barely alive is simply pressed into a digital template and thus not infrequently experiences a return from the dead. In most cases, this is not only a big waste of money, but also makes the problems that are already prevalent in analog even more serious, only now digital and usually without a human safety net, which in the past still prevented damage in some cases.

So how can this be better solved? By recognizing digitization for what it really is:Namely, not an annoying technical topic that should be outsourced to IT or a service provider, but a continuous reinvention process lived as a whole company. This is not achieved from one day to the next, but step by step in constant dialog.

What can be first steps?

  • Process analysis and evaluation of digitization potential
  • Identifying weak points and benchmarking against the market level
  • Creating a digitization strategy and roadmap