Business Strategy

In the first years of a company, the implementation of operational goals has priority. As the company grows, however, the importance of business strategy, as an essential basis for decision-making, increases. This can be compared with driving on the highway: The higher the speed of the car, the further ahead the driver should look. The corporate strategy projects in advance how the goals are to be achieved and thus represents a unique instrument for cost reduction, optimal synergy development.


A strategic framework is formed on the basis of a company’s vision (Where do we want to go?), its mission (How do we want to achieve this?) and the values it lives by (What kind of thinking and acting drives us?). Within this framework, goals for the entire company are set by the management, which are then implemented as operational sub-goals (in terms of time and content) by all areas of the company. Through such a directional decision pattern, an optimal alignment of all corporate functions to the strategic goals can generate an enormous potential of synergy. Whereas a sole focus on revenue targets, sales volumes, productivity or individual goals of departments or employees usually falls short in terms of time and substance. A coordinated approach with a more long-term perspective therefore offers a real opportunity for cost savings and puts the strategic goals of the company as a whole before the individual goals.

What we want to support you with:

  • Workshops with senior management to define the strategic framework.
  • Evaluation of the different strategic options
  • Determination of the strategic goals by the (extended) management team
  • Breaking down the goals to the operational level of the various business functions
  • Accompaniment during implementation

These can be occasions for consulting:

  • Initial formulation of a strategy
  • Optimization of different parts of the existing strategy
  • Strategic realignment