Change Management

The further development of companies often necessitates large-scale changes to entire business areas, as well as company-wide adjustments to processes. Especially in the strategic design, the communication process and the implementation we support you as a competent partner. Based on the size of the previous change experience, the extent of the desired change and the intended time horizon, we create a sustainable roadmap together with you and help you to minimize risks.

Business Strategy

In the first years of a company, the implementation of operational goals has priority. As the company grows, however, the importance of business strategy, as an essential basis for decision-making, increases. This can be compared with driving on the highway: The higher the speed of the car, the further ahead the driver should look. The corporate strategy projects in advance how the goals are to be achieved and thus represents a unique instrument for cost reduction, optimal synergy development.

Generational and Demographic Change

Family business or medium-sized company, a generational change is taking place in almost all areas, which has an unavoidable influence on the corporate culture. Among other things, this change brings with it new expectations of an employer, executives and also the management. Not taking this change into account is a missed opportunity and, at worst, can lead to generational tensions in the company that can cause unseen damage.

Potential Analysis: Innovation Capability

Despite better market penetration or new market strategies, the future projections of many companies' growth targets reveal a crucial gap that can only be closed through innovation. Whereas in the past, the expectation for innovations was focused exclusively on the R&D departments, today the aim is to leverage the innovation capability of the entire company. Even to shorten development times, the potential of all critical areas of innovation generation and implementation must be exploited.

Founder and Spin-Off Consulting

Our own experiences in two successful start-ups with a handover after 10 years in each case have led to a great passion to support others through our experience. As a rule, not all the necessary know-how is available in the founding team itself and our advice and support can provide the necessary complement. In the areas of choosing the form of business, marketing, bringing products or services into a marketable form and many other areas we are happy to advise you.

Optimization of new work structures – New Work

Ever since the first hard lockdown, many offices have looked something like the picture here. Empty desks - employees in the home office. For most companies, this was a very big challenge at first. From one day to the next, work was completely different - meetings were held virtually in front of screens and communication was largely digital. The real surprise for many, however, was that this somehow worked out quite well. The question that should be asked now that the dust has settled a bit, is: Can't this be done a little better?