Optimization of new work structures – New Work

Ever since the first hard lockdown, many offices have looked something like the picture here. Empty desks - employees in the home office. For most companies, this was a very big challenge at first. From one day to the next, work was completely different - meetings were held virtually in front of screens and communication was largely digital. The real surprise for many, however, was that this somehow worked out quite well. The question that should be asked now that the dust has settled a bit, is: Can't this be done a little better?


Working decentrally and yet effectively is still a major challenge, especially when this state is at least partially the new normal. What is understood today under the keyword New Work or Remote Work includes a whole series of prerequisites and more long-term requirements. The first entry hurdle is certainly the indispensable technical infrastructure. But even if this is in place and running smoothly, it quickly becomes clear that a whole lot has to change, starting with the way employees are managed, collaboration and even company culture. Everyone senses something is off, but these things are not always easy to identify, and it is even more difficult to get a solution into place. But you are in luck: We have already accompanied numerous companies and teams in exactly this development process – long before the pandemic. We are happy to support you in finding your individual path in this process.

Here are some examples of consulting topics:

  • Increasing transparency in the team & company
  • Leadership of decentralized teams
  • Strong team cohesion despite distance
  • Not just continuing to work, but using the opportunity for further development