Generational and Demographic Change

Family business or medium-sized company, a generational change is taking place in almost all areas, which has an unavoidable influence on the corporate culture. Among other things, this change brings with it new expectations of an employer, executives and also the management. Not taking this change into account is a missed opportunity and, at worst, can lead to generational tensions in the company that can cause unseen damage.


It is better to integrate the different generational cultures and thus develop generational strengths and compensate for weaknesses. In this way, instead of giving room to misguided competition between generations, you can achieve strong cohesion and high resilience in your company through integrated generational cultures. This is achieved primarily through a communication culture of mutual appreciation, exemplified openness to new perspectives, and simply continuous practiced change. The good news is that such integration can be excellently addressed together with other ongoing changes such as digitization projects. On a much more concrete level, or instance, generational changes in the management of family-owned companies need to be addressed. We shape this process with you and support you on the way to even stronger cohesion in your company.

We would be happy to advise you in one of the following areas, for example:

  • Succession support for generational change in family businesses
  • Executive and team coaching
  • Guided interviews and workshops