Potential Analysis: Innovation Capability

Despite better market penetration or new market strategies, the future projections of many companies' growth targets reveal a crucial gap that can only be closed through innovation. Whereas in the past, the expectation for innovations was focused exclusively on the R&D departments, today the aim is to leverage the innovation capability of the entire company. Even to shorten development times, the potential of all critical areas of innovation generation and implementation must be exploited.


Today, companies achieve significant growth through innovative approaches in new product development, production and process development. The main drivers of organizational innovation capability have been shown to be the derivation of the innovation strategy from the corporate strategy, the clear positioning and release of resources for this by the management and the corresponding communication in all areas of the company. In addition, the topics of strategic search field definition, idea generation, selection, prototype development, and market launch themselves generally offer multiple optimization opportunities. Through our factor screening of the areas relevant to you, we can identify potentials and develop measures for exploitation together with you. The corporate culture, systematic knowledge management and team culture are also included in the evaluation. These improvements in the strategic and operational areas of innovation thus unlock significant cost-saving synergies and raise the quality and quantity of your innovations. The subsequently supported implementation can sustainably improve the expected return on innovation and help to reduce the risk of failure of innovation projects.

What can something like this look like in practice?

  • Definition of the scope of analysis
  • Conducting the analysis through expert interviews and workshops
  • Presentation of the results and suggestions for optimization measures
  • Consulting and support during implementation