Founder and Spin-Off Consulting

Our own experiences in two successful start-ups with a handover after 10 years in each case have led to a great passion to support others through our experience. As a rule, not all the necessary know-how is available in the founding team itself and our advice and support can provide the necessary complement. In the areas of choosing the form of business, marketing, bringing products or services into a marketable form and many other areas we are happy to advise you.


In the planning phase of a company foundation, it is important to ensure whether the necessary maturity of the team or also of the products or service is already present or how this can be achieved. Comprehensive inspection of all important areas aims to counteract the risks of a potential negative development. After a roadmap (chronological recording of the projects) often follows the creation of a business plan, which shows the goals, but also the available means and knowledge. Especially if external financing is needed, it saves time to have been very thorough beforehand.

In the actual start-up phase, tax aspects, realization of the planned processes for production or service, as well as the implementation of the marketing plan are the primary focus.

In the ongoing operation, emphasis is placed on optimization issues and the establishment of all necessary operational functions. Quarterly planning with evaluation ensures that your company is on the right track. And the best news at the end:

You don’t need to embark on this journey alone. Schiffmann-Consulting knows the waters and will accompany you with dedication.